Over the last few months, AB Consultants has been working with Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR)  to support insurance companies in Rwanda and design innovative inclusive insurance products that are client centric. This involved initial country-wide market research in various low income and middle income markets including moto-taxi riders, farmers, teachers, microentrepreneurs among others. We used customized risk cards in focus group discussions to enable communities rank their risks and also found out their coping mechanisms and willingness and ability to pay. With this information, we partnered with Board of Innovation and through a 2 week training, we designed human-centred solutions based on the risks identified. We learnt a lot about creating personas, prototyping and design thinking. We tested various prototypes and narrowed down to specific products, channels, partnership and tech platforms to serve our diverse range of clients. The insurance companies in Rwanda are currently testing the solutions with the aim of continuous improvement. We look forward to seeing the innovative and responsive products increase in the uptake of insurance in Rwanda.

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Check out the link below by Board of Innovation of how the two weeks went: