The Microinsurance Network is organising an Expert Forum on Thursday 7 September 2017 – 3pm CEST on “Scaling up: could Discovery Health’s Vitality programme be modified to support uptake of health insurance amongst low-income households and improve health outcomes?“.

Registration is now open at this link. Participants will gain insights on how the Vitality model could be adapted to low-resource settings to optimise health outcomes. A panel made up of Dr. Thomas Brennan, from Discovery Health and Iulian Circo of Trigerrise, both from South Africa, as well as Barbara Chesire-Chabbaga of AB Consultants in Kenya and Gayathri Sakthirajan from DHAN Foundation in India will tackle this topical subject, particularly as countries around the world work towards achieving universal health coverage.

To view further details of the event, including the panellists’ bios and to register, click here.