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Our Pulse Harmonizes with Africa's Rhythm of Potential

Africa, a continent of boundless possibilities, resonates deeply within our hearts. It’s here, amidst the vibrant drumbeats of life, that we forge genuine connections and collaborate with the people who call this diverse land home. Through a profound commitment to co-creation, we craft timeless solutions that address real needs, alongside the end-users themselves.

Our journey in this magnificent continent is marked by thought leadership in inclusive insurance. We don’t shy away from pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box to develop innovative risk mitigation strategies. We meticulously balance the delicate equation of client value and business viability, utilizing our actuarial expertise with a touch of empathy to ensure our solutions are not only affordable but also deliver tangible value.

At the core of our approach lies the power of data, informing and guiding our efforts to reshape the accessibility and consumption of financial services across Africa. With unwavering dedication, we are paving the way for a future where financial inclusion knows no bounds, where every individual can access the services they need, and where our heartbeat resonates with the pulse of Africa’s potential.

What we do fo you

Market Research

The key to a good product is understanding what your client wants or doesn’t want. We use several methodologies to gain insight from the market including traditional research methods, Human Centred Design(HCD), ecosystem and empathy mapping, persona interviews and observation. Through interactions and engagements with the customer, we co- create and design solutions that address their specific needs.

Product Design

To design and develop meaningful solutions for our customers, we are guided by the human-centred methodologies and insights derived from engagements with customers. We ensure that any product or solution we roll out has a good balance between business case and client value, ensuring that enterprises deliver good returns to shareholders and deliver value to clients.

Business Planning and go to market

Getting into a new business such as inclusive insurance requires meticulous planning to ensure that you do not miss the mark. AB Entheos, our approach entails studying an organisation’s business model to ensure that inclusive insurance fits into the larger organization’s overall strategy. Through tools we have designed , we help you analyse and determine your capital investments, human capacity, operational efficiency and processes and recommend any necessary changes needed to unlock success.


At AB Entheos, we design trainings and modules that are tailor made for our clientsneeds. With our team of experts and associates, we design training modules forInclusive Insurance ,Product development, Pricing, Go-to-Market, Actuarial and Financial modelling , Application of Data Science to Insurance and Insurtech and Global Trends in Insurance.

Join the Rhythm of Transformation!

Together, let's harmonize Africa's potential and create a future where opportunity knows no bounds.