Anne Kamau

Director & Microinsurance Specialist

Anne is a qualified insurer with over 20 years experience in microinsurance. She has extensive local and international training and experience in the microinsurance and financial sectors, which have helped build her skills as a respected microinsurance expert. She has collaborated with organizations and experts in the international development of microinsurance and risk education as a tool to mitigate risks among low income households and the working poor.

For several years she worked under the mentorship of the CIC Insurance leadership to develop microinsurance in the organization, growing the portfolio significantly. This achievement propelled CIC insurance as the pioneer and number one provider of microinsurance in Kenya. Anne was instrumental in forging partnerships with international development partners like the ILO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GIZ, Desjardin of Canada, ICMIF and Folksam of Sweden among others.

Anne worked as a microinsurance expert with FSD Kenya between 2012 and 2013 where she conducted an in-depth analysis of the health and life microinsurance market in Kenya. She also has a good understanding of the microinsurance policy and regulatory framework in Kenya and around the world, having served in the Kenya Microinsurance Steering Committee under the leadership of the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

She has experience in product development, distribution, consumer awareness as well as training for insurance, risk management and financial literacy among low income households. She is also well versed with both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques, and is currently completing a thesis study of the challenges facing the distribution of microinsurance in Kenya.

In the various roles served over the years, she has been able to develop an extensive network of microinsurance and other inclusive finance organizations and individuals, which is critical in the development of the still struggling microinsurance sector in Kenya and the world.